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The Joint Powers Water Board (JWPB) provides potable water to the cities of Green River and Rock Springs, the special service districts of White Mountain, Ten Mile, Clearview, and James Town - Rio vista as well as an industrial water supplier to Simplot Phosphates. The Board meets on the 3rd or 4th Thursdays of each month at 3:00 pm, alternating locations between the JPWB offices in Green River and the Rock Springs City Council Chambers. The Joint Powers Water Board is a completely independent publicly owned water utility which is comprised of 5 Board members: 2 appointed by the City of Green River, 2 appointed by the City of Rock Springs and 1 appointed by the Sweetwater County. The 5 member Board is the sole owner of the Joint Powers Water Board and all of its properties and facilities. Once appointed, the Board member represents the Rate Payers of the communities of which the JPWB services and is not necessarily the representative of the appointing city or the county.
Sara Richardson, Accounting/HR
(307) 875-4317 ext. 222
PO Box 1299
Green River, WY 82935

General Manager - Bryan Seppie, P.E.

Director Engineer/Planning

Production Manager - Dave Latorre

Maintenance Manager - Lionel Ware

Sara Richardson, Accounting/HR
(307) 875-4317 ext. 222
PO Box 1299
Green River, WY 82935

General Manager
Bryan Seppie, P.E.

Director Engineer/Planning

Production Manager
Dave Latorre

Maintenance Manager
Lionel Ware


The Green River/Rock Springs/Sweetwater County-Joint Powers Water Board(JPWB) is accepting applications for an Engineer. This full-time, FLSA exempt, fully benefited position is located at the Water Treatment Plant (WTP) in Green River, Wyoming. The position is responsible for (but not limited to) all planning, engineering, and project management on JPWB facilities. Candidates must be a licensed professional (Civil) engineer (or ability to reciprocate from another State), with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and a minimum of 5 years of related professional engineering experience.The JPWB offers an excellent benefit package including full participation in the Wyoming Retirement System and Health Insurance.Salaryrange for this position will be commensurate with experience and qualifications. Application information, resume and reference submittal will be through Wyoming Workforce Services - Rock Springs Workforce Center( by February 28, 2019.



The Green River/Rock Springs/Sweetwater County-Joint Powers Water Board (JPWB) is the regional purveyor of potable water, suppling nearly 40,000 citizens in and around the Cities of Green River and Rock Springs. The JPWB owns and operates a 32 MGD surface water treatment plant delivering water to two Cities, four Districts and an industrial customer. The transmission and distribution system in these communities is owned by the JPWB but operated by the respective entity.


The purpose of this position is to provide engineering and project management for all JPWB owned facilities. This may involve initial planning, budgeting, funding, managing consultants, permitting, coordination with state agencies/funding partners, obtaining necessary permits and easements, directing contractors and all other aspects of a capital improvement project.

The position must coordinate, prepare permit applications,review construction plans, drawings, calculations, specifications, and reports. The position may also conduct research on regulations, standards, and historical data. On projects involving the Water Treatment Plant; the engineer must review, evaluate, and coordinate allasset improvements with Maintenance and Operations Managers. Additional duties may include preparing budget items for capital improvement projects and O & Mbudgets. On construction projects, the engineer maybe responsible for overseeing the work of consultants in developing and administering: bid documents and addenda, construction plans and specifications for projects, responding to Requests for Information, developing work directives, evaluating/negotiating/preparing change orders, and the closing out of projects. Routinely the engineer will be visiting sites/facilities, create and using hydraulic model software and interpreting model results for use on capital improvements and private developments.Other duties include developing and implementing master plans for the systems,as well as reviewing private development master plans, construction plans, and hydraulic calculations including evaluating the impact of private development on existing infrastructure. The engineer may be attending conferences, seminars,emergency training and response, and on occasion may be conducting meetingsand/or communicating with the public.

Benefit Package Summary *

The JPWB offers an excellent benefit package. The JPWB participates in the Wyoming Retirement System (WRS). The WRS system is a defined pension plan managed by the State of Wyoming. Currently, the JPWB contributes not only the employer’s contribution but also the employee’s contribution (these contributions currently total 17.12% of the salary). In addition, employees may elect to utilize the WRS 457 Deferred Compensation Plan (the JPWB contributes $10/pay period to encourage enrollment). More information on these plans can be found at,

Additionally, the JPWB currently provides full Heath Insurance coverage for the employee, spouse and dependents. The JPWB currently pays the monthly premiums as well as contributing to the employee’s HSA account.

The JPWB currently observes seven paid holidays and provides four additional floating holidays. Additionally, the JPWB provides paid vacation and sick leave pursuant to the current Employee Reference Guide and applicable amendments.

* The employee benefit package is made of several components, some of which are not under the control of the JPWB, therefore the specifics of the benefit can change over time. The JPWB annually reviews employee costs and the statements above are not a guarantee of future benefits, contributions or enrollment in specific plans.



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